Bengaluxe Lylla Rose of Novabengal

DOB: October 2, 2018

Sire: Beautiful & Wild Balthazar of Bengaluxe

We are very excited for what Lylla brings to our Silver Program.  Her silky coat has a very clear background with jet black outlined rosettes filled with glitter.  Lylla has beautiful round orange eyes, big puffy whisker pads and a really nice head shape.  Lylla is very outgoing and loves to cuddle up on a lap for a nap.  A big thank you to Louis from Bengaluxe for entrusting this girl to us.

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Rideaulake Rootbeer of NovaBengal

DOB: Sept 12, 2017

Rootbeer is a classic brown Bengal cat.  She has the most amazing silky coat I’ve ever felt.  She has beautiful rosetting and a clear background.  She is our crazy climber!!  If there is a ledge to walk on or a door to perch on she’ll find it.  Above all she has a great personality and is great with the kids!

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Above Photo Credits to Savvy Cat Photography


Flaming Ice ECLIPSE

DOB: May 8, 2018

Sire:FlamingIce Indigo

Dam: FlamingIce Kilimanjaro

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