Pet Kitten Wait List

Pet Wait List

*We reserve the right to keep any kittens and sell Breeder Quality Kittens to those interested in adding to their breeding program. Also if we need to replace any kittens due to our health contracts we will provide that replacement before moving down the waitlist. Because we do not require a deposit for kittens until we know we have one for you this list can move faster than expected. Please be patient with us! Your kitten will be worth it! 🙂

Waitlist for Upcoming Kittens

  1. KR – Any
  2. JG- Snow Female
  3. LJ -Snow
  4. Dec 2020 – CY – snow
  5. KS – Silver Male – Spring
  6. KA – Any
  7. AG – Any
  8. ML- Female Charcoal or Silver
  9. MR – Snow
  10. RC – 2 – snow/charcoal/silver
  11. JS – male snow/silver
  12. JM – Female Snow
  13. JP – Charcoal
  14. May 2021 – SS – Silver Male



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