Champion Tigerbengal Blue Lightning of Novabengal

Showing Cats in Tica – Cat showing isn’t something we ever thought we would do!  After buying our first bengal and falling in love with the breed we decided to give it a go!  We needed a hobby that our family could do together outside of work/school life. Bengals have brought so much joy to our home and it’s been a grand adventure!  We received Blue Lightning’s Certificate of Champion today!

Blue champion Title
Champion Tigerbengal Blue Lightning of Nova Bengal


Blue Lighting – TICA CHAMPION – Bengals

Our Bengals  At the Calgary Cat Show!

Bengals are amazing! We took our Cat show on the road and attended our first Cat Show!

Bengal – Blue Lightning

The first day Blue Lightning showed as a kitten. He got best of his color as well as one Best of Breed and all the rest 2nd Best of Breed (Rootbeer taking 1st) ha ha! The next day Blue Lighting showed as an Adult Cat.  He won Best of Division in 2 Rings, which allowed him to move onto Finals. In Ring 5 he placed 5th Best Overall All Breed, and then he placed 2nd Best Overall All Breed in Ring 4! He also walked away with Best Color and 2nd and 3rd overall Bengal in a few rings which gave him enough points and finals to become a TICA CHAMPION in one day! He did great for his first show! Thank you to everyone that stopped by! Looking forward to his future litters!

Bengal – Rootbeer

Rootbeer did great on her first day as a Kitten. Winning best of her color and division in 5 of the rings. The last ring she got best of her color and 2nd in the division in the last year.  She ended up placing 2nd if the finals for Specialty Breed Kitten which was amazing!  Then she got a few 6th best all breed and 7th best all breed kittens!  So show one was a great success!


Nova Bengal Cattery

Welcome to Nova Bengal

Welcome to Nova Bengal Cattery. We are a small family run Bengal Breeder located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Our family is passionate about raising bengal kittens with great temperament and type! We started our TICA Registered Cattery in the Winter of 2017.

Our cats are raised underfoot in our home and well socialized with children. Our kittens are handled daily from birth. Your kitten will come with a health guarantee and age appropriate vaccinations. They will be ready to go at 12-14 weeks of age.

*All our cats are registered with TICA – The International Cat Assocation.

The Bengal

The Bengal is a hybrid breed of domestic feline crossed with an Asian Leopard Cat, a small wild cat found in Asia in particular in the province of Bengale. Their story began in 1963 when the American Jean S. Mill realized this crossing for the first time. From this mating were born the first hybrids ‘F1’ then ‘F2’ (1st and 2nd generation), half wild cats.  The Bengal cat, said ‘domestic’ needs to be separated by at least 4 generations from the original crossing between a domestic feline and ALC. The goal is to keep the “Wild” appearance of the Asian Leopard Cat and the “Sweet” temperament of the domestic cat.

The breed has been recognized by T.I.C.A. (The International Cat Association) since 1985 when Jean S. Mill was able to attended her first show.

The Bengal Cat Character

The character Of the Bengal makes them unique and quite different from other cat breeds. They are quick, intelligent, curious and also very affectionate, especially with other animals and children. But what distinguishes them the most from other breeds is that they are much more energetic than a normal cat. They are by nature small hunters who love to play, climb and perch in heights. While they aren’t typically described as a lap cat they CAN be, when THEY WANT TO BE! Our bengals love running water and are often ready to play!

Bengals are medium to large cats, from 6-15 pounds, with males generally being larger than females. Bengals also make great companions.

For more information see the TICA Webiste @

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