Champion Tigerbengal Blue Lightning of Novabengal

Showing Cats in Tica – Cat showing isn’t something we ever thought we would do!  After buying our first bengal and falling in love with the breed we decided to give it a go!  We needed a hobby that our family could do together outside of work/school life. Bengals have brought so much joy to ourContinue reading “Champion Tigerbengal Blue Lightning of Novabengal”

Blue Lighting – TICA CHAMPION – Bengals

Nova Bengal Cattery located in Calgary Alberta Canada. Raising Bengal Kittens with great temperament and breed type!

Nova Bengal Cattery

Welcome to Nova Bengal Welcome to Nova Bengal Cattery. We are a small family run Bengal Breeder located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our family is passionate about raising bengal kittens with great temperament and type! We started our TICA Registered Cattery in the Winter of 2017. Our cats are raised underfoot in our home andContinue reading “Nova Bengal Cattery”

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